Monday, January 29, 2007

Does Your Map Fit?

Every so often we see maps that get cut off by the side of a blog or a site template.

It's very easy to fix this problem -- all you need to do is change the map dimensions ("Width" & "Height") in the "Edit Map Properties" popup. That's what I'm doing in the image below. You can change the map to fit just about any template.

For example, this link goes to a huge satellite image of central Moscow. By changing only the width and height, I've embedded two very different versions of the map to this page. (I could have embedded the big image on the page if the Blogger template accommodated 800-pixel-wide images.)

Here's a 400 x 400 version of the image centered on the Kremlin:

And here's a 400 x 2000 version -- a slice of Moscow from one side of the garden ring to the other:

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